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Conquer Mind.

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Yoga is not a workout.
Yoga is

'working on yourself'.

That's where we come in!


Yoga Clothing

Heals the
We give it a wardrobe change !


soul .


Workout Apparels

'Yoga' + 'Aware' and make it


'Being Calm'

is a super power.
Use it!


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Gone are those days when yoga was an inadmissible solidarity with only holy beings practicing it clad in saffron linen. Yoga has been long stereotyped with jhola bags, those harem pants, long grunted beards. But like they say stereotypes are fast & easy, but they are lies & truth takes time. Take yoga for instance, a ten thousand years old practice with an objective to bring peace to mind & body and you assume it to be specifically for aged people or some sort of exercise for inflexible people or even funnier, to be a part of the yoga spectrum you have to be a hippie and a wanderer of soul. No, yoga is not a cult and no, you don’t have to go all bisque to practice yoga.

Yoga is not a religion, it’s a practice. Again, yoga is a way of life helping you in bringing conscience to your soul. Similarly bursting the bubble of mundane yoga wear, we present to you, Rrave, a creation solely devoted to make your fitness journey suave and snug. Our idea is to tie-up fashion & fitness, establishing a cosy relationship between the sessions & apparels without being in the ambiguous ‘complicated zone’. For us, yoga gear is all about comfort & support. With a versatile and contemporary collection made from sustainable fabrics, Rrave brings you a range of racer-backs, shorts, yoga leggings and sports bra in soothing colours and snazzy prints.

How to choose a garment for Yoga

What is our garment fabric made of?

We use a Polyester mix fabric, which is a blend of Polyester and Spandex. The Polyester makes our garments durable and wrinkle-free.

How Moisture Management works?

We do any physical activity. We sweat. With our Moisture Management Treatment (MMT), your Yoga clothes won’t stay wet

Does the garment really breathe?

Yes, it does. Sweat by itself is odorless, but naturally occurring bacteria on your skin feeds on the sweat. These bacteria get transferred to your clothes, thereby raising a stink.



It is very essential to pick a comfort fit for yourself, something that is neither too tight nor to loose. Your clothing is your second skin and it influences the very functioning of any exercise like breathing, posture and flexibility


Choosing moisture wicking clothing adds to the comfort levels of the garment. It is essential to pick a fabric that allows sweat out of the garment from its surface.


Why not? Who says Yoga garments need to only cater to the functionality? Our garments also come in stylish patterns and a treat of colors to keep your Fashion quotient hip and happening!