Who We Are


What comes to your mind when you think of Yoga? Boring looking Saints in long beards meditating? Women with jhola bags and pyjamas? Some white skinned Guru with harem pants on a beach? Well, stereotyping has never seized to surprise us! Yoga as a concept, though thousands of years old, is not meant merely for the aged, disgruntled older women or firangs smitten by Indian spirituality. In today’s era of snapchatting and Youtube viral videos, Yoga has reached far and wide; to lifestyles and cultures alike. Yoga, now packs a punch with self-awareness being a ‘cool’ concept. Where ‘Self’ includes soul and style! A swag mantra for fitness and fashion. Our idea at RRAVE is to tie the two up, make a nice cozy relationship between Yoga practising and Yoga apparel that is totally committed to each other and not in the ‘it’s complicated’ zone. So for us, Yoga apparel is all about Soft comfort, support, breathability and control. Welcome to RRAVE ! Our Yoga Bras and Tank tops are complete with sustainable fabrics and fits. Our Yoga leggings and pants range from classic to contemporary in vivid colors and prints.


So it all started when Roopcee, Rachana and Vandana were out holidaying. On one sunshine morning, the girls stepped out to practice their daily Yoga. They were in their regular exercise clothes that they wear everyday. But when they stepped out, they noticed that pretty much all the others doing Yoga postures were wearing these wicked hot sporting outfits which were not really comfy for Yoga practice but looked like totally smart and super cool. The girls being fitness and fashion enthusiasts, it was time for some good ol’ fashioned shopping! Only this time, the mission was to get smart looking, fashionable yoga wear.

But they soon discovered that finding appropriate yoga wear that was comfy and cozy but still looked rad wasn’t as easy as ranting on Facebook, was it? Almost everything they found was random, super generic and boring and the fabric was not the kind of quality they were looking for. Ugh. Yoga in India – a country with tropical climate where no matter how much of an Indian Goddess you are, you WILL TOTALLY sweat during a workout needs Yoga wear that can breathe and allow ventilation. Not only would it look cool, it would actually make you work out harder because you will feel less icky and dirty.

And then  In Yoga terms, this was a sort of ‘enlightenment’ for the three girls, as they began their journey – to improve the landscape of Yoga apparel one piece at a time. It was a super cool chance to build the Yoga-wear brand we all wanted but couldn’t find. Not at Fashion Street, not on online shopping portals and certainly not in hippie, junk markets either. The three girls decided to create a brand entirely designed for the Indian weather and Indian women as we come in all shapes and sizes, now don’t we? They are going full-blown with the stretch-ability and moisture management. The aim is to build a gear that keeps you comfortable in your sweaty pursuits and is designed to stand up to the demands of the city, the gym and everywhere in between.

Thus, was born Rrave – Fit is Fab!!


William Shakespeare once said,

‘What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’

But hey, if that were the case, would we have known the greatness of the woman who hand wrote the code for Apollo 11 Mission, the one that took Humankind to the Moon? Would we have known the name of the legendary Indian singer who sang over 25,000 songs spanning decades? Would we have known the award winning woman scientist who did path-breaking work in the field structure and discovery of DNA?

A name is an identity. A name is an inspiration. Margaret Hamilton, Lata Mangeshkar and Rosalind Franklin are not mere words. These names mirror the soul of a person whose achievements motivate us to do something better with our lives every day.

And so, at RRAVE, we formed a team of women – strong, independent, stylish, cool and intelligent to participate in this special project. So here’s a little something about our team

Ms. Roopcee Jain, Co Founder & CEO

We believe Roopcee was just born to be an entrepreneur. She is a natural at that. It’s just a coincidence that she is also an MBA. Roopcee churns out new ideas from her grey cells every now and then. No wonder, some time back she designed her own brand of party bags and clutches, and then launched RRAVE, the Yoga wear brand. She is the unpaid counselor out of office and if travelling ever were free, you wouldn’t find Roopcee. A mother of two, she loves to thrill herself with suspense novels and loves to socialize and believes in the mantra- work hard, party harder. She works like a rock star in a team and is also super OCD about cleanliness!

Ms. Rachana Bagdia, Co Founder

Rachana, a mother of two is an MBA in Financial management from Pune University. If awards were a marker to anything, Rachana would be the benchmark. Whether it is investment planning or her other endeavours like activities at Leo Clubs, Lioness Clubs et al, she has been awarded every other prestigious award one can think of. Rachana absolutely adores children and has years of dedicated work to her credit working with various Children Welfare and Enhancement Programs across the country. Did you know? She is a Certified Trainer of Brainobrain for Maharashtra & has been awarded as the Best Faculty & Best Centre at the All India National Competition held at Chennai. She was also awarded as the Best Trainer & Innovator by Brainobrain.

Ms. Vandana Punia,Co Founder

An avid fashion and music lover, Vandana graduated from Punjab University, Chandigarh. After a small stint at Hindustan Times, Vandana continued exploring good, new fashion clothing online and offline, which also happens to be her favourite pastime in life. She is a warm person, spreading love and bringing in colors to office and clothes.

Ms. Nisha Pillai, Marketing Strategist & Business Development Manager

By day, Nisha is our business development manager, staying true to her stint with Masters in International Business from Grenoble Ecole De Management School. By the night, she turns into a party hopper and deservedly so. She also shops harder than she works, because hey, that’s what keeps her going! Meeting open minds, having real conversations is something she admires. After being a solo traveler exploring different countries, she now directs her energies growing with RRAVE.


World is expanding with flourishing start-ups catering service to our elementary needs and every start-up, just like us humans is grounded on values. The very ideology of the organisation, when reflected in its action, gives it unprecedented credence.

Rrave is a tribe engrossed in creativity with a profound conscience, come rain or shine:


Keep your body strong, mind sharp, soul nourished and spirit positive is the insignia we aim to instil in our society. Creating and empowering the shared belief on fitness, fashion, yoga-active lifestyle is our contemplation.


Keeping the big picture in our mind, our every move, evaluation & execution is disposed to shape up a sustainable brand.

Less is More

We want to keep things simple by building a curated collection of Yoga wear basic.


We help each other and that’s how we grow. It’s our moral responsibility to lift one another with every possible way that we can and thus the NGO tie-up.